Salons We Love: Organic Pharmacy


You might think of Organic Pharmacy (quite rightly) as a destination for all-natural, botanically-fuelled loveliness - and of course, you'd be right.  But we went along recently for a brand new facial which is more 'pharmacy' than 'organic', harnessing the skin-firming power of some state-of-the-art techology. Now, the Organic Pharmacy Non-Surgical and Collagen Radio Frequency Facial isn't the comfiest facial we've ever had.  But in terms of results? It's right up there.  Though you won't get us going anywhere near a vial of Botox or Juvederm, or a chemical peel - never mind a scalpel - we've been fans of 'non-surgical facelifts', which use electrical currents to stimulate the muscles of the face and firm contours.  CACI really popularised these, but this electrically-powered facial takes it to a new level in terms of lifting and toning sagging skin.

It begins with an enzyme mask which isn't, in truth, the last word in bliss:  based on papaya and vitamin C it tingles a lot (which slightly freaked Jo out, as she has super-sensitive skin - although in the event, she was fine).  Then a gadget is rolled over the skin emitting radio frequency waves - not the type that allow you to tune into Radio Four on your Roberts, but the type which work to stimulate collagen and tighten the skin.  It feels a bit like the pressure from a warm (not hot) iron, as it's smoothed over the face.

Next comes the electrical stimulation:  not as painful as it sounds, but a sort of low-level tingle (with a bit of a metallic taste generated if you have any residual amalgam fillings) as the prongs move over the face.  The micro-current gives muscles a workout, contracting and releasing them to tauten the facial contours.

Result?  Definitely a firmer face, enhanced radiance, more accentuated cheekbones - and a little less wobble factor around the jaw.  Apparently, for full benefits to be experienced, a course of six is recommended (and we can see the virtue of that:  you wouldn't expect a single aerobics class to tone you up, would you...?)

We can't commit to that amount of time - but if you're contemplating going under the knife, we'd definitely recommend trying this first.

The Organic Pharmacy Non-Surgical and Collagen Radio Frequency Facial/£150 for 90 minutes - click here for more details and locations