Salons We Love: Azure Beauty London

‘Bespoke’ is a word more often used about tailoring than beauty treatments but Katharine Paterson and Jenna Cole (below) have made it the lynchpin of Azure Beauty, the niche salon they have launched a whisker away from Bond Street. That individualised approach applies both to the actual treatment and products, and to your lifestyle. ‘Some clients have lots of time and want a relaxing pampering experience,’ they tell us, ‘while others are under more pressure. We’re happy to adapt to whatever you wish.’

As well as offering their clients a wealth of experience and sheer niceness (you don't really want to bare your wrinkles, brown patches or hairy legs to someone you don't get on with), Katharine and Jenna are passionate about providing ‘results-driven’ skincare. The two brands they have chosen, both French, are Carita – a bit of a cult insider anti-ageing range – and Decléor, the much-loved aromatherapy-based range. They have worked with both for several years.

After the nearly two-hour Carita ‘Pro-Lift’ Facial, which involves all sorts of electronic wizardry as well as some fabulous facial massage (from Katharine in this case), Sarah really did look ten years younger (and Jo is booking in!). But just as impressive for Sarah was a really excellent manicure and leg wax – the kind of routine maintenance everyone needs but it’s so nice when the therapist makes it a really good experience. (A great hand massage, in this case, which is so often just a lick of lotion and a squeeze.)

So we do recommend you try Azure Beauty (hmmm, not too many of you in case we can’t get in when we want to tho…just joking). Katharine and Jenna so deserve to do well.

Azure Beauty London, 58 South Molton Street, London W1K 5SL/020-7706 1997,

Jenna Cole and Katharine Paterson
Jenna Cole and Katharine Paterson