Roques ONeil Therapie Crystal Clear Smelling Salts


Don’t faint. Smelling Salts are back. Or rather, do faint if you like – because holistic therapist Michelle Roques O’Neil’s Crystal Clear Smelling Salts will bring you right round again.

That’s not what they’re designed for, though. (Nor why we use them.) Part of her faultless Inner Light Rescue Essentials Collection, they are designed to help regain focus and ‘snap you out of fatigue and fragmentation’. Known around these parts as ‘monkey brain’, or the ability – probably at least in part a side-effect of constant phone-checking – to concentrate on one thing for very long.)

The hefty Himalayan salt crystals are infused with a blend of reviving essential oils including May Chang (litsea cubeba), clementine peel, rosemary, frankincense, mint leaf and niaouli oils, chosen for their mind-clearing purposes. (The salt crystals are thought to absorb negative energies, meanwhile.)

You use them like this: take off the lid and inhale deeply 3-5 times. Then leave the salts open on your desk to help stay uplifted and alert. We like to close them again when our ‘slump’ is over – but we’re keeping them right there on the desk, next to the paperclips.

Roques ONeil Therapie Crystal Clear Smelling Salts/£32 for 100 g at