Romilly Wilde Light + Energy Serum Cleanser


Following the efforts of Deliciously Ella, Hemsley & Hemsley, Calgary Avansino et al, clean eating seems here to stay. (It's surely got to beat the cupcake craze in terms of good health – although personally, we're all about balance.) Now skincare's following the same path – with true luxury 'clean' beauty brands emerging. One of the most interesting, albeit so far with a  capsule collection, is Romilly Wilde: not a real person, actually, but the 'nom de beat' of Susie Willis, who had great success with Plum baby foods, her last venture – and is now committed to offering us truly luxe natural beauty options.

So far, the collection's 'capsule' – just four products. The skincare product which has most impressed us, though, is the Light + Energy Serum Cleanser: rich, unctuous, with an incredible essential oil scent of jasmine, neroli, rose and sandalwood (not just there because they smell good, of course, but also chosen for their skin-boosting powers). Both fragrance and texture invite languorous massage into skin – really helping to put back the glow in skin that has the 'blah's.

There's a skin serum, a facial oil – and an absolutely stupendous natural-as-possible-while-still-lasting-on-the-skin fragrance (around 96% naturals, in fact): Romilly Wilde Idle is a scent we've been spritzing on friends and haven't found anyone who doesn't really like it yet. No mean feat, that.

Currently there are no bricks and mortar stockists – though we'll keep you posted; to get your hands on Romilly Wilde you have to take a slightly leap of faith (because these certainly aren't inexpensive products) and buy on-line. Still, we think this is a real 'clean beauty' name to watch.

Romilly Wilde Light + Energy Serum Cleanser/£75 for 100 ml (including muslin cloth) at