Rodin Olio Lusso Mini Lipstick Coffret


This illustrates how fleet-of-foot we all have to be when we spot something online that we swoon for.

When in London, we have been known to take a detour several hundred yards out of our way to visit the Rodin counter in Liberty (always having a slather of their unbelievable hand cream, while there). We have one or two of the lipsticks, with their gorgeous creamy texture (powered by nourishing vitamin E and vitamin C). This features five bestsellers: Heavenly Hopp (pinkish nude), So Mod (soft nude pink), Red Hedy (classic red), Billie on the Bike (violet berry) and Loving Lucy. Heck, we even love Rodin’s names.

So we wanted to SWOOP the minute we saw this Mini Lipstick Coffret – but didn’t get around to it And now it’s sold out in lots of places. (Though Net-a-Porter invite you to add it to a wishlist for when it’s back in stock, here.)

Meanwhile, when we wrote this (a few hours before you’re reading it), it was still available from a website called Revolve which will ship to the UK, at a price that includes duties and taxes but is slightly higher than that on Net-a-Porter.

Literally cannot imagine anyone that wouldn’t adore the five shades (not to mention the adorable box itself).

Note to selves: gotta be even quicker off the mark!

£45 (including duties and taxes but with £7 postage on top) – buy here