Rituals Soulful Living Collection


Hands up. We admit, we were never Rituals fans. But breaking news: all that’s changed, big-time. This fragrance, bodycare and home scent chain has gone seriously upmarket, image-wise, while still being jolly reasonable. And it smells as good as it looks.

Step inside a Rituals store and we think you’ll be seriously blown away by the candles, under their glass domes. Great packaging isn’t enough, though – there are some truly spectacular candle scents, of which our faves are Holy Basil, Holy Smoke and Incense.

We’re impressed by the real home fragrance innovations above, though. Wardrobe Sachets which look like they were fashioned from vintage kimonos. ‘Gun-style’ Parfum d’Interieur room sprays (an echo of Frederic Malle’s!).

We also love the very chic Maitre de Parfum tassels, designed to hang on doors for decoration, diffusing their scent into the room. (Also very nice dangling from hangers in a wardrobe.)

So next time you’re passing a Rituals store – well, don’t pass. Pop in. Because it’s now a proper treat for several senses.

Rituals Soulful Living Collection/from £15 for Wardrobe Sachets to £39.50 for Private Collection Fragrance Sticks