Red Anchor Sandalwood Shower Gel


'We're sending you this even though you don't usually write about men's stuff.' Trust us: sandalwood doesn't have a gender. One of the sexiest, smoothest, creamiest scents around, its woodiness really comes through in this not-just-for-men-only Red Anchor Sandalwood Shower Gel - and hangs around, long after you've showered it away.

Active botanicals include aloe vera, organic black seed oil, flame tree extract, seaweed, sustainably harvested Australian sandalwood, glycerine and flourishes of earthy vetiver, too, which add to the 'grounding' experience of using this. (In fact, it's the nicest use of sandalwood since Roger & Gallet discontinued their divine sandalwood soap some years ago, which we still pine for.)

Actually, a matching body lotion much appreciated, Red Anchor - by the fairer sex - if you're looking at new product development!

Red Anchor Sandalwood Shower Gel/£7.95 for 250 ml at