Quicker treats from Crème de la Mer

We love treatments:  massages, facials, pedicures... But to be honest, they're not always compatible with a busy life.  We'll lie there (mid-week, anyway) worrying about everything on the To Do list, and it gets in the way of what should be a truly relaxing experience.

Clever Crème de la Mer, then:  they're now offering 30-minute Express Treatments - great 'quick fixes' for skins.  There's no cutting corners on the luxury front, though:  fab facial massages, high fluffy towel factor - and the therapist will determine exactly what your skin needs, and deliver a that lymph-draining, circulation-stimulating massage with the bespoke Crème de la Mer product for your individual complexion.  (Each, of course, featuring the famous signature Miracle Broth™ ingredient.)

What we especially liked during our treatment was that the therapist was happy to avoid our eyes completely - no time wasted removing eye make-up, or reapplying it afterwards.  (Just a touch of Crème de la Mer's fab concealer, and we were good to go - with radiant, gorgeously glowing skin.

The 30-minute treatments are priced at £50 - but that's entirely redeemable against a purchase of any Crème de la Mer product made at the appointment.  (Which basically = free, if you were going to buy a cream anyway.)  Appointments of course are necessary.

But 30 minutes well-spent on all fronts, we'd say...

UK readers find your nearest Crème de la Mer Express Treatment beauty room by visiting www.cremedelamer.co.uk - just click here