Beauty Clinic: How can I put the bounce back in my hair?


Q. My thick, usually bouncy hair has gone flat, dull, limp and difficult to style. Could this be post-winter?  And what can I do? A. Trichologist and hair care expert Anabel Kingsley ( says 'winter can definitely leave hair lacklustre. Increased heat-styling has a tendency to dehydrate strands and make them hard to manage, while changes to humidity from stepping out of the cold into central heating makes hair frizzy, unruly and dull.'

Anabel, daughter of the late and truly great trichologist Philip Kingsley, suggests using a pre-shampoo conditional treatment once or twice a week, such as Philip Kingsley Elasticizer/£17 for 75 ml, a byword with beauty editors. Anabel explains that 'such treatments plump the hair shaft with moisture to restore elasticity and bounce and also smooth the cuticle to create shine and reduce fly-aways.' You simply apply the mask to damp hair at least 20 minutes before you shampoo and then wash your hair as usual.

The beauty of pre-shampoo conditioners, comments Anabel, is that they do not weigh down the hair as any excess is washed away after application. Oh, and breaking news, there is a new summery version of Elasticizer just launching, scented with Coconut Breeze, which has notes of bergamot, orange and peach with, yes, coconut plus jasmine and vanilla. Simply scrumptious!

Finally, Anabel suggests shampooing frequently, leaving no more than two days between shampoos. And for those who use straighteners, try not to use them more than twice a week maximum.