Prettying up with Paul & Joe

There are signs of spring outside our windows: snowdrops nodding, daffs budding and blossom blooming (and even the water seems to be ebbing away...)   As a result, our fancy is lightly turning to thoughts of make-up for lighter brighter days. So we asked Craig Ryan-French, Creative Beauté Director and Global Artist for PAUL & JOE Beauté - one of the prettiest-making make-up ranges we have ever come across - for his seasonal tips.

Q. What basic shifts should we consider for spring in terms of foundation? A. In winter, our skin requires the richer, additional coverage, and hydrating effects of a moisturizing foundation such as PAUL & JOE Light Cream Foundation/£29 for 30 ml.  Come springtime, with the warmer weather, we can choose a lighter, more translucent option;  however we must also remember to protect our faces from the damaging effects of UV-rays.  I suggest Protecting Foundation Primer (SPF 30)/£23 for 50 ml, combined with our Protective Fluid Foundation (SPF 25)/£27, for lightweight coverage and effective protection to help protect skin through the warmer months.

Q. Does everyone need a primer? A. As professional film make-up artists, we need our stars to look their best throughout a typical 15-hour shooting day.  Primers were first developed and used in our industry to keep an actor’s foundation and skin looking its best with minimal touch-ups - regardless of jet-lag, dehydration, after-hour industry parties, and the daily stress of an average four to six month film shoot.  A primer also helps balance the moisture levels of the skin, provides a near invisible barrier between the skin and the foundation, minimises the appearance of fine lines and pores, and helps to keep the foundation looking fresh and flawless all day.  With all these benefits, I see no reason why everyone would not use a primer every day!  PAUL & JOE Moisturizing Foundation Primer or Protecting Foundation Primer (SPF 25)/both £23 for 30 ml.

Q. Should we change our colour scheme for lighter days? A. Absolutely!  Deep, smouldering eyes in sultry shades are beautiful from late September to early April, because nighttime hours are longer during the winter months.  But those intense tones can look heavy and overdone on sunnier, brighter spring days.  Fresh and vibrant floral colours can help make your make-up look more youthful and glowing.   PAUL & JOE Spring Collection 2014 ‘My Secret Garden’ is a cosmetic assortment inspired by springtime blooms and blossoms.

Q. What is the most flattering 'look' for most women? A.  Confidence!  And that happens when she is wearing her clothes and make-up - not her clothes and make-up wearing her!

Q. What can you add product-wise for evenings that will achieve a 'Cinderella' transformation? A. Lipstick is the most transformative item a woman can carry in her purse.  I've always maintained that a woman wearing a bare face with jeans and a T-shirt can pull her hair back into a sleek pony tail, throw on a pair of heels, and with a quick swipe of the right shade of red lipstick, she can be transformed into a chic modern Cinderella!

Q. What is your advice on lip colours for different skin tones? A. My advice for choosing the right shade of lipstick is that lipstick has very little to do with your lips - but everything to do with your eyes!  The right shade of lipstick can make brown eyes appear amber, grey eyes electric blue, or hazel eyes olive green.  Be daring and experiment with colour - but generally, fair complexions suit peaches, pinks, and bold blue-reds.  Olive complexions are best suited to warm browns or dramatic, brownish-reds.  Darker skin tones should be wary of pinks and orange-reds, but look beautiful in rich reddish-browns, or deep reds with blue or purple undertones.

Q. Tell us your favourite product for spring. A. I'm excited about all the colours and textures of Spring Collection 2014 ’My Secret Garden’. We were so infatuated with the beautiful bird's nest-themed fashion print selected for all our spring packaging that we were inspired to create our own ‘bird's nest’ puff & powder set - complete with miniature ‘eggs’ of pearlescent, pastel powder!  PAUL & JOE Face Powder/£28, PAUL & JOE Face Brush/£21.

Q. What are the best ways of lightening and brightening dull post-winter skin? PAUL & JOE Brightening Lotion/£24, is a must-have to brighten and banish post-winter skin dreariness! This multi-tasking moisturiser brightens skin tone and clarifies texture with extracts of orange flower water, evening primrose, and the herbal essence of saxifrage extract - a unique, flowering Japanese plant, recognized for its excellent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.  For maximum results, combine with PAUL & JOE Brightening Serum/£28, enriched with vitamin C and organic edelweiss extract:  this is the ultimate beauty boost for a glowing and radiant complexion.

How pretty is that...?

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