Poppy King's best-ever lipstick tips

We've known and loved Poppy King since she was a 'baby' entrepreneur, introducing her own range of signature lipsticks in Australia at the age of just 18. Since then, she's won Young Australian of the Year, worked for Prescriptives (sadly they really didn't listen to her insights - which we think is partly why the brand died a death), created a range for No 7 and has sashayed back onto the global lipstick radar with her own Lipstick Queen range of lip products.  (Which are just glorious.)  She's also written a rather marvellous business book:  Lessons of a Lipstick Queen (click on the book title to find it on Amazon).

So there really is nobody on the planet, we think, who knows more about lipstick - so we're delighted to be sharing Poppy's very best lipstick tips here...

1)  When wearing red lipstick, minimize your eye make up so that the red lips are the statement.

2) To remove flaky, dry skin on the lips exfoliate the lips with a spare toothbrush by gently massaging over lips.

3) If you are worried about lipstick bleeding apply some under eye concealer around the edge of the lips before applying the lipstick.

4) To stop lipstick getting on your teeth, pucker lips and pull your index finger through.  The excess lipstick that gets on your teeth will come off on your finger.

5) If you want to wear lip liner, instead of applying it before the lipstick, apply after the lipsticks so you just touch up the edges.  It easier that way to avoid that visible lip line.

6) Never EVER lick your lips!  It dries them out faster than anything else.

7) Dab some of the same color lipstick on your cheeks after doing your lips:  it really brings the whole look together.

8) The general guide to finding the red that suits you is the fairer your coloring the more orange reds, the deeper your coloring the more pink reds.

9) To really see the color of a lipstick more accurately try the shade on the inside of your index finger print side.  That part of the skin is closer to your actual lip color, more so than the back of your hand.

10) And the very best thing to do with your lips is smile!  It has been suggested that simply smiling increases endorphins which are the most flattering thing for natural glow ever.

For more about Poppy and some rather fab videos (which we're hoping to showcase on this site, too) do visit www.lipstickqueen.com - and to read our Beauty Bible Loves posting about her Dancing Queen collection, just click here

PS  Poppy's Lipstick Queen Look of Love set - including a new blusher (her first) which really does give you that I've-just-been-ravished glow - will be launching in January at Space NK and Beauty Expert, and will (no surprises there) feature as one of our 'loves' - but here's a sneaky peek...