PitROK Deodorant Wipes

We've never been too keen on applying ingredients like aluminium, propylene glycol or parabens to the underarm area.  (Sure, the jury's still out on parabens/safety, but it still boggles our minds slightly that brands still use them in an under-arm product when there's no need.)

Crystal deodorants are a brilliant alternative, then.  But they're not always user-friendly.  (It feels downright weird, to us, swiping a lump of rock across the sweat-zone.)

So these are a brilliant on-the-go solution:  wipes (akin to facial cleansing cloths or baby wipes) which you can swipe under the arms - first thing in the morning, or even on-the-go if things get a bit hot 'n' bothered.  They don't leave white marks, either, yet the natural mineral salts blitz odour-eating bacteria, while gently conditioning your armpits with aloe vera and grapefruit seed extract.  Why, even the packaging's been glammed up by PitROK:  you wouldn't be ashamed if these were spotted poking out of your Anya Hindmarch handbag.

And we just got the name.  Finally, after all these years.  'Pit' for armpit;  'ROK' for the minerals.

Duh.  (And only one of us is blonde.)

UK readers find PitROK Deodorant Wipes/£2.49 at Morrison's supermarkets (the sexy new packaging's not on-line yet but you could e-mail them at pitrok@severndelta.co.uk for an update;  meanwhile the slightly old-fashioned packs are on-line at www.amazon.co.uk if you click here.)