Phylia de M CONNECT Rephyl

Stick with us. There's a reason this is our longest-ever posting, on

It's not exaggerating to say we've heard nothing but gobsmacking reports about CONNECT.

Fans ourselves of Phylia de M CLEAN and CONDITION (shampoo and conditioner, duh), this is the 'treatment' product in the Californian range which has created a firestorm at Victoria Health, rocketing up the charts to become their top-selling product ever.

We'll leave it to The London Evening Standard's Annabel Rivkin to rave.  'In February, I had one of those days when everything concertinas up on you and you need to do something in order to swerve your own internal, emotional Chernobyl. Trouble is, you usually do something bloody stupid.

And so I cut my hair off. Grim-faced, black-hearted and in a voice that did not brook argument, I said, ‘Cut. It. Off.’

I’d had long hair all my life and, for the past ten years, had bolstered it with extensions that eventually tugged on the roots, aggravated the follicles and compromised the whole lot.  Post-shearing, I was left with fluffy, flyaway tufty stuff. I necked horse-doses of chokingly vast iron tablets that gave me spots and tummy aches.  Still wispy.  Still weightless.  Woe.  Then Phylia d M.

This is a new range from LA developed by Quincy Jones’s daughter Kidada and her partner Kazu Namise, whose Japanese oncologist godfather grows the ingredients at his ranch in Mexico.  Sounds deranged but bear with me:  there is this stuff called CONNECT that you can spritz on at any time.  The point is that scalp and nerves are like soil and roots: they need nourishment to bring forth blossoms – in this case hair. Am I over-egging my metaphor?  Anyway, this stuff is full-on fertiliser.

I have been using it for a month and my hair is sprinting out of my head.  Tannic acid repairs depressed follicles, aloe motivates cells to produce keratin and fulvic acid carries said keratin to where it’s needed. And to add joy to bliss, my new hair is better, thicker hair. I am genuinely grateful.'

What's more, CONNECT offers other beauty bonuses.  It can be sprayed onto nails to encourage nail strength.  It's an antiseptic that encourages quicker healing and minimises scarring.  And VH's Shabir Daya is recommending it applied with a cotton ball (though we prefer a Q-Tip) to encourage brow/lash growth s-a-f-e-l-y.

It's been such a massive seller that CONNECT is now available in a whacking 570 ml bottle (the 'Rephyl') for an equally whacking £180.  But we do know that Phylia's devotees will be flocking to stock up, even so.  (A 120 ml bottle of CONNECT is usually £45, so this is like getting an extra three-quarters of a regular bottle,  free.)

It's a true beauty - or should we say health...? - phenomenon.  End of.

UK readers find Phylia de M CONNECT Rephyl at£180 for 570 ml - buy here

(Or do take just a couple of seconds to go to VH via the Victoria Health page on our own website site - just click here - in order to enjoy an automatic 5% discount added at checkout)