Paul & Joe's nail polish know-how

We love a great beauty tip. And experts don't come more knowledgeable than Craig-Ryan French, Artistic Director & Global Make-up Artist for Paul & Joe Beauté. So we're delighted to share his nail secrets, for Beauty Bible readers...

  1. Paul & Joe Nail Polish RemoverUse nail polish remover on your nails right before you paint them – it will help your nail polish stay looking fresh longer. (Paul & Joe Nail Enamel Remover, £11.50/100 ml)
  2. Don’t shake your nail polish.  Instead, roll the bottle vertically back & forth between your palms to help prevent air bubbles that can become trapped in your enamel when you paint it on.
  3. Always use base coat.  It may seem like an additional step, but it gives the coloured polish something extra to adhere to, making your manicure last longer - and it prevents any staining on your nails from the pigments. (Paul & Joe Base Coat, £12/12ml)
  4. Apply a few thin coats of polish – rather than one or two sloppy layers that will never dry.
  5. Dip an old lip brush in nail polish remover to help clean and remove any excess polish from around the outer edge of your nail.
  6. Protect nails with a clear, fast-drying top coat. These are designed to protect and help the nail polish ‘cure’ faster, especially when you are time-crunched. Remember, to swipe the very tip of your nail with your top coat to prevent chipping when working on a keyboard. (Paul & Joe Top Coat, £12/12ml)
  7. Paul & Joe Nail Treatment OilUse cuticle oil to finish the nails. Apply to cuticles and fully over the nails after they have been painted and cured. It immediately hydrates the cuticle and instantly gives the look of a professional “salon” manicure. (Paul & Joe Nail Treatment Oil, £14/12ml)
  8. Avoid hot water! It causes the nail bed to expand and can force the polish to expand with it. So avoid doing the dishes – or a hot shower until your nails are fully cured and protected.
  9. This sounds a little crazy – but a model taught me this trick- and it really works well. Paint around the outside of the nail bed with white “school” glue – it will dry and create a perfect mask around your nail. After painting your nails, with your favourite colour – just peel off the glue et voila! – a foolproof manicure.
  10. Glitter, or pearlescent colours are great for vacations - because they provide a more durable, long-lasting finish. To remove stubborn glitter polish, soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and apply it to your nail. Wrap your finger tip and cotton ball with aluminum foil, and wait 5-10 minutes. The polish will slide right off, no scrubbing required.

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