Palette London Bespoke Nail Colour Service


Do you have a favourite frock? Handbag? Paint colour? Or simply a shade you're obsessed with? We just love this new service from Palette London. Simply send a small swatch of the colour which is your heart's desire - perhaps a snipping from a garment, a paint chart or even a printed digital image - and their experienced colourists will match it completely in nail lacquer form.

It's taken 20 years of experience for Palette London's colourists to perfect their craft - and this is something we've never seen before in all our own years of experience, which are many... The polish may then be teamed with a base coat and a top coat with your choice of finish: matte, gloss or pearl (which of course helps with durability). Or you can simply buy the polish on its own...

If you're pushed for time there's an express service, but otherwise it takes two weeks. (And they'll deliver worldwide.)

Definitely our new nail-lust object...

(And the beautiful shoe in the image above was designed the very clever, Rupert Sanderson)

Palette London Luxury Bespoke Nail Polish Service is priced from £50 (for colour only) to £75 (with base and top coats) at