Before getting Botox, get some new specs

Frown-proof your face at Rock Optika's Shoreditch pop-up Boxpark is the first 'pop-up' mall we've heard of - and it's in too-cool-for-school Shoreditch.

And we wanted you to know that this week - from yesterday till 5th May, actually - it's hosting a pop-up shop for our favourite specs brand, Rock Optika.

We are firm believers in regular eye tests, and actually wearing your specs - to save on frown-lines.  A lot of Botox is pumped into women's faces purely because they're too vain to pop on a pair of glasses.

But honestly, these are enough to make you want to wear them with clear glass lenses, if you don't actually need a prescription.  And if you do?  There aren't many out there more glamorous and sexy than these hand-made statement specs, which will really get you noticed.

Jo has been shopping at Rock Optika for a few years, since it first opened its doors in her home town of Hastings.  The little specs shop has closed, because founder Tom Herrington's glasses business has taken off so fast (why, Liam Gallagher was recently spotted in a pair of Rock Optika specs!)

The pop-up is in Shoreditch for just one short week.  But if you can see your way clear to getting down there you'll be glad you did.

And if not?  Their website's below.

Rock Optika at Boxpark Shoreditch, 2-4 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6GY