Orly BB Crème


This is the perfect product for a 'between-manicures' nail look. But what the heck is a 'BB cream for nails'? Think on this: BB creams remove the appearance of imperfections, smoothing out skin. Orly BB Crème effectively does the same for nails, with glass microspheres filling in ridges and creating a smooth, natural look, with a not-too-shiny, not-too-matte peach tint.

It features hyaluronic acid (which moisturises nails) and vitamin C, so there's a bit of nourishment going on there. (And an SPF, too.)

We like it for those times when we've removed a varnish that's worn or chipped, but haven't got round to giving ourselves (or getting) a manicure, yet.

Nails are neat, pretty - and protected, till we get round to polishing them again.

Orly BB Crème for Nails/£15 at www.graftonsbeauty.co.uk