Oribe Crème for Style and Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray

Remember Remember DynastyRemember Dallas (yes, it's coming back to our screens, but we're talking about the 80s version).  Remember fah-bu-lous 'big hair', from that decade, generally...? We predict it's about to make a comeback, aided and abetted by these two products.  Jo offered to be a (human) guinea pig when these were demo-ed recently, and walked out with hair like a Park Avenue princess:  all va-va-voom and tra-la-lah.  (More volume, actually, than a sound system pumpin' from a boy racer's pimped Ford Fiesta.)

Oribe (say it 'Or-Bay') is a a legendary New York hairdresser who's coiffed his fair share of lunching ladies, over the years - as well as J-Lo, Oprah, Kate Winslet and just about any other famous  bonce.  He's pretty much synonymous with Big Hair, actually.

His vtamin-enriched Crème for Style is a styling cream that can be worked through dry or wet hair, before blow-drying.  (So it can be used to 'reinflate' an existing 'do' that's dropped.)  Volumista's spritzed onto wet hair only, which can then be blown-dry to bigness  And we're talking B-I-G.  (It's also thermal-protective, helping to minimise damage from your drier.)

But we think these products would also be a godsend not just to catwalk hair stylists and image-conscious celebrities, but all women who suffer from flat or droopy hair, or hair which starts out oomph-y but drops as the day wears on.  The range is luxe-priced (and luxe-packaged, for hairstyling products), but will probably pay for itself in no time in money not spent on blow-drys.

And if you visit the www.oribe.com website, there are some how-to videos that show you how to use Crème for Style, and some of the other Oribe creations.

Prepare for lift-off...

UK readers find Oribe Maximista at www.spacenk.com/£25 for 200 ml - click here; find Oribe Crème for Style/£27.50 for 150 ml here US readers find Oribe Maximista/$26 for 6.8 fl oz here;  find Crème for Style/$34 for 5 fl oz - just click here