The Ordinary 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil


Remember all that fuss about argan oil, a few years back? (And now argan's a mainstay of the beauty industry.) And then coconut? We predict it's about to happen all over again, with this lesser-known African oil – available here from a rather astonishing (and astonishingly affordable) brand, brought to you by the same people as NIOD.

The Ordinary offers fuss-free packaging – but highly potent and effective products. (We're not sure how they do it at the price, either – though we're not complaining!)

Marula is packed with antioxidants (60% more than argan!), vitamins and omegas and is regarded as a 'cure-all' by the Ovambo women in Namibia, where it hails from.

It's a great multi-tasker – soothing and smoothing every skintype, even greasy. One of these days we might persuade oily-skinned women to use oils – we're still hoping!) We really hope they'd start here – because marl oil is actually good for blemishes and scarring (as well as stretch marks).

Personally, we really like this for 'locking in' moisture, applying a couple of drops or so over night cream (in particular). It leaves it silky, but traps the dewiness inside, too.

Also good, we're finding, for smoothing through hair – add just a drop or two to the palms, then rub these and your fingers together and skim through hair, for instant 'texture' but also gleam and nourishment. (And no, it won't leave your hair looking greasy. Promise.) It's also said to be UV-protective – and we'd love to check that out, but it ain't the time of year!

All in all, a multi-tasker that no beauty can afford to be without. Especially not at this price.

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