Olverum Oil


This is a longstanding favourite of Beauty Bible’s: a wonderful, clears-your-passages bath oil infused with easy-breathe-y oils of rosemary, lavender, lemon, thyme, verbena, eucalyptus and pine. As India Knight puts it, ‘it’s pine city – you couldn’t wish for anything pinier.’ Olverum’s actually been around since 1929 – but while we’ve always loved the effect, it’s never been something we’d display on our bathroom shelves. Now it’s been given the most glamorous and graphic makeover: a stunning bottle and fab typography (we’re sad, but typefaces matter to us, as well as aromas!), generally turning an everyday product into something worthy of a film star’s boudoir.

It’s so effective that a capful’s all that’s needed to fill your lungs, the bathroom and waft half-way round the house, and we find it great for aching muscles, stinking colds and for inducing sleep. A bottle should last you a good 40 baths, by our maths – and every one blissful.

Olverum Oil/£36.95 for 200 ml at www.olverum.com