Ojon Rare Blend Oil

The central heating's on. And if you had very, very sensitive hearing, you could probably hear the moisture being sucked out of your hair.  (And skin, but we'll come onto that over some wintry Beauty Bible Loves postings.)

So:  from Ojon™ (one of our long-standing hair repairing hero brands) comes this wonder oil.

It has three 'hair-reparative' phases (so it's shake-before-use, like a dual-phase eye make-up remover) - and any resemblance to a FAB ice lolly (remember those?) is purely coincidence.

The nourishing oils include ojon oil, Tahitian mono oil, marula oil, kukui nut oil and Kalahari melon oil - but if you're thinking 'instant grease', you'd be wrong:  just rub one deliciously-scented drop between your palms and skim through your hair to banish dullness, tame frizz and restore silkiness.

It also looks rather gorgeous on the bathroom shelf, which never goes amiss.

We'll be using it regularly, to avoid succumbing to the epidemic of fried-looking hair at winter's end which is the only downside of living in a toasty, cosy, centrally-heated world that we can think of...

UK readers find Ojon Rare Blend Oil at www.boots.com/£29 for 45 ml - buy here US readers find it at www.sephora.com/$35 - buy here