OilArganic Multi-Use Dry Oil

The Cosmetic Executive Women Product Preview Night is a bun-fight in the beauty calendar like no other.  The highlight of the beauty networking calendar, it has more than a little of the 'supermarket sweep' about it as members of this industry organisation fill CEW-issue swag-bags with product on which they'll be voting.  (The results, as ever, can be seen in YOU Magazine and the date for your diary is Sunday 29th April.)

We shield ourselves in the psychic equivalent of full-body armour and attend this event because occasionally, we stumble upon a product that's not been on our radar - and this body oil was a particularly happy find.  Personally, we're huge fans of body oils - but a lot of women we know are put off by the 'mess factor'.  (Dribbles on bathroom floors/sheets/carpets etc.) Others dislike the 'oil slick' sensation:  in general, you can't get dressed straight after oil application, or your tights stick to your legs...!

So this, then, is the first (mostly) organic 'dry oil' that we've found:  it spritzes on and dries almost instantly, leaving skin beautifully hydrated.  The key ingredient is argan oil, for some years a 'buzz' in beautyland:  Morocco's 'Tree of Life', with alleged healing benefits, good for stretch marks/skin healing and a great free radical scavenger.  It jostles for bottle space with seven other plant oils (olive, rosehip, jojoba, avocado, etc.).

Another bonus is the fantastic fragrance.  (Slightly bizarrely, they say roses, we say orange zest...)  And after using it for a while, our body skin is positively born-again.

(Or maybe born-argan...?)

UK readers find it at www.theorganicskinstore.co.uk/£24.99 for 100 ml - click here Irish readers find it at www.tanorganic.com/€25.40 for 100 ml - click here