Cailyn Cosmetics O Circle Brush


One of our most magical make-up discoveries of the past few years has been the O Wow! foundation brush, which delivers the most seamless make-up finish ever, even when you've applied your base blindfold. (We've tried it!) Well, this big sister – size-wise – is equally remarkable.

Much, much bigger, the O Circle Brush enables you to apply make-up even faster - because it pretty much covers the whole face in a few strokes, and is specifically angled to access every corner or the face and neck, including those little hollows beside the nose, at the inner corner of the eyes and under the chin. (This is achieved with no less than a million micro-fine, super-soft hairs, so we're told.)

We've discovered, though, that it's also completely brilliant for buffing on fake tan, or temporary skin tints - you can cover a lot of body, pretty fast. We apply the cream, then smooth it over with this – and the results are as super-smooth and 'edge-free'. (Though we still do a quick swipe with a damp cloth over bony bits.)

One of those truly revelatory finds that will have you wondering how you ever lived without it.

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