Nonsuch Shrubs Drinking Vinegars


We first got to taste these at an event recently for the very exciting new British fragrance brand Parterre. As non-drinkers (Sarah never drinks, Jo doesn’t indulge on school nights), we’re a little weary of being palmed off with elderflower spritzers – so these make a really interesting alternative.

Drinking vinegars (if you don’t know already) are about to be A Thing. Actually, for those interested in wellbeing, drinking vinegar (generally in the form of cider vinegar, diluted in water) has long been an established practice – good for everything from improving digestion to boosting radiance. (If your granny recommended it – as grannies were wont to do – she was probably right.)

Cleverly, this debut trio of drinking vinegars makes this an absolutely delicious thing to do. Not in the least sour, they’re lightly sweetened with apple juice, the vinegar infused with fruits and herbs, and lightly carbonated. They’re delicious on their own – but we like to dilute with about a third sparkling water.

The three flavours are Blackcurrant & Juniper, Peach & Basil and – our favourite – Sour Cherry & Mint, which is super-refreshing.

The vinegars have a pretty impressive heritage, too: they’ve been created by Henry Chevallier-Guild of the Aspall cyder- and vinegar-making dynasty.

An excellent way to say ‘Chin, chin!’ rather than ‘Gin, gin!’

£3.50 for 250 cl – buy here