Nip down to Liberty to see Bobbi Brown (and her new specs range) today!

And when we say 'see', her new venture - specs - means you won't have to squint! We just breakfasted with our friend Bobbi - well, she had a massive green juice! - and she's back at Liberty today introducing her signature eyewear collection from 12 midday to 1.30 p.m., and again tonight between 6-7 p.m.

The frames are absolutely and completely stunning - and incredibly affordable, for the quality: made by Safilo (who also make the frames for Céline, among other leading brands), they retail for mostly £105 (plus the cost of your prescription - although we suspect there'll be people walking round in clear lenses, just because they look so darned cool). And actually, today, the cost of your prescription will be complimentary (although you'll need to bring this with you - and they will be sent to an optical partner, to fulfil this, then returned to you in the post).

There's a 'premium' collection, too - 'The George' - which is inspired by Bobbi's love of the UK, and includes frames like The Queen (she's wearing these here): slightly more expensive at £155-165, but incredible value for that quality.

Named after friends and family (Jo has gone for the Tara, named after Bobbi's former Executive Assistant, who now runs her company!),  they showcase the eyes - and of course, eye make-up - beautifully.

So a key element of this venture is the Make-Up Behind Glasses lesson, which today is being offered in a fab 'pop-up' in the beauty department, but ongoing will of course be available at the make-up counter just near the Great Marlborough Street entrance.

If you'd like to book a make-up lesson, call 020-7734 1234 (ext. 2275) - you could also enjoy an Instant Lip & Cheek Lesson - or if you simply want to worship Bobbi (and we do, we do), just swing by, during those hours above. 

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