Neom Organics Hand Balms


Neom are celebrated for their beautiful mood-shifting blends, which have now been infused into light-but-nourishing hand creams. (More a cream than a balm, we'd say; that actually sounded greasy and off-putting whereas these sink in pleasantly fast.) There are four options, all with the prefix 'Nourish, Breathe &...', followed by the name of the fragrance itself – which echoes their existing aroma formulas.

Short on zzzzs? Smooth Sleep Hand Balm into your hands before bedtime and – we suggest – lie down on your side with your hands under your face, the better to breathe the blend of 19 different essential oils.

Stressed out? Jasmine, lavender and Brazilian rosewood – in the Calm Hand Balm – instantly take angst down a notch or two; we recommend smoothing into hands (even on a Tube train, frankly), then placing palms of your face and breathing deeply.

Feeling blue? We love the Neom Great Day fragrance, which infuses Smile Hand Balm with wild mint and mandarin (among other oils), to brighten your spirits.

Has your get-up-and-go got-up-and-went...? Grapefruit, rosemary and lemon are among the refreshing ingredients in Energise Hand Balm (which is probably our favourite, too).

So: sniffing your hands maybe isn't the coolest look – but we defy you not to do just that, after applying these.

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