NEOM Organics Energy Boosting Home Mist


Still feeling sluggish as the year gets under way? Especially on those winter days when (as a friend of ours likes to put it), 'the lid's on...?' (You know the kind of day we mean, when the cloud's so thick it barely gets light). We defy anyone not to feel energised after a few spritzes of this in the home (and we like it in the office, especially).

The air will be filled with the scent of lunch Sicilian lemons, which are known aromatherapeutically to stimulate tired grey matter and encourage clarity of thought. Lemon sits alongside basil, chosen for its ability to tackle mental fatigue and improve concentration.

Got a deadline? Need to finish sorting that pile of VAT receipts? Looking to get off your backside and clean out a cupboard? This won't drop you down again like a cup of coffee does – and it smells, if anything, even better.

So: zoosh, zoosh, zoosh! Zing, zing, zing!

NEOM Organics Energy Boosting Home Mist/£18 for 100ml at