Neal's Yard Remedies Meditation Aromatherapy Blend

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It tells you pretty much everything you need to know about Neal's Yard Remedies Meditation Aromatherapy Blend that we were due to write about it weeks ago – and it promptly sold out in a flash, before we got a chance.

We’ve been using it in the morning before logging onto our favourite meditation app, from – but it’s just fantastic, pretty much any time our minds are racing and we’re feeling stressed.

Neal’s Yard Remedies’ Director of Natural Remedies, Susan Curtis, formulated the blend, which is a grounding fusion of some of our all-time favourite essential oils: the finest Omani frankincense, to help deepen the breath, sandalwood to calm an active mind, orange for a ‘lift’, and a drop of black pepper. (Which, as Susan puts it, ‘is like a bit of magic that adds a vibrational zing to the whole blend.’

A welcome addition to anyone’s toolkit for modern living.

£17.50 for 10 ml – buy here