Neal's Yard Oska Diffuser

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 17.09.22.png

We really do love aromatherapy diffusers. They're especially useful at this time of year, when central heating dries out the indoor atmosphere; the aromatic vapour given off by a diffuser can help bring the humidity level up a welcome notch or two.

And boy, do we love diffusers when they look like this. Not that any others come close, actually, to the elegance of Neal's Yard Oska Diffuser. You've only got to look at the picture above to see what we mean.

You simply add water to the reservoir, adding a few drops of essential oils to scent the air (and perform their aromatherapeutic magic). It's your choice: something like red thyme is fantastic for a cold, while we like an invigorating 'whoosh' of citrus oils like grapefruit and mandarin. 

This doubles as a lamp – lovely in a meditation area, NB – with colour-changing mood lighting, controlled by an app on your mobile device – all of which makes it probably the most expensive diffuser we've come across.

But we're breathing deeply of that essential oil-scented air and biting the bullet because this is also such a sleekly beautiful addition to any décor.

£75 - buy here