Nails Inc Good as Gold Paint Can


How we love a gold nail. Why? Because metallic shades are actually incredibly flattering. They distract the eye from less-than-loved things like veins on the back of hands, age spots, etc. – and somehow cast a flattering glow over skin, rather as pearls do near the face. (We think metallic nails are something that you can get away with at any age, by the way.)

And gold nails have never been so easy to achieve as they are with this paint can from Nails Inc. Described as the equivalent of 'dry shampoo for your nails', all you basically do is spritz your fingertips. (You do have to apply Paint Can's Best Friend 2 in 1 Mini Base & Top Coat first – this step isn't optional – but that's the work of a second or two.

The excess polish then washes clean away with warm, soapy water (or a cleansing wipe), and hey, presto: fabulous nails! For a longer-lasting finish, apply 2 in 1 Mini Base & Top Coat again after you've sprayed your nails.)

This latest shade has been developed by Instagram nail and make-up sensation Lottie Tomlinson – who clearly hasn't washed the excess off here, but trust us: it works...!

And that's a gold star from Beauty Bible, then.

Nails Inc Good as Gold Paint Can/£10 (£8 for 2 In 1 Top & Base Coat) at