Mrs White's Unstung Hero

We'd love this for the name alone - but in fact, this is very clever indeed:  an anti-bug fragrance that actually smells like a pretty scent, not overpoweringly of citronella like most do. It's a delicious, cooling, all-natural eau de Cologne, actually, with a lemony-tea scent.  Spritz it on, and it not only keeps mozzies at bay but is said to protect against midges, bees, horseflies and wasps.  The secret is apparently an ingredient which render the wearer 'invisible' to insects. It comes in a big bottle, suitable for spritzing generously.

In truth, we haven't been able to test it 'in the field' against insects yet - largely because (due to summer's ridiculously late start) the bug season hasn't kicked in.  But we have faith.  We have faith.  (And it's so pretty and refreshing we'd wear it anyway, frankly.)

So:  love sunshine, hate bugs?  Mrs. White will become your unstung heroine.

UK readers find Mrs White's Unstung Hero at£20 for 250 ml - buy here