Mrs White's Old Soak Finest English Bath Salts


Have you noticed how bath salts are having a moment? We've always loved them: a fantastic way to rebalance, remineralise and enjoy a good, old-fashioned soak. Which is just what these deliver.

They're from a range created by East Dulwich retailer Lawrence Roullier-White, whose Roullier White store is one of London's key perfume-shopping destinations. The shop also has a stunning range of unusual gifts (a one-stop shopping destination, come Christmas), and household goods.

These are our current 'rave': Jo's gone for the Grapefruit & Lime version – 'zesty, pick-you-uppy, perfect for mornings' – while Sarah, ever the lavender fan, has opted for the Lavande version, and is enjoying it hugely.

Created from mineral-rich English sea salt, they an double up as a body scrub: just rub a little in the palm of the hands, and attack your dry, flaky bits.

We rarely need an excuse to have a bath – but Mrs White's given us a jolly a good one.

Mrs White's Old Soak Finest English Bath Salts/£15 for 600 g at