Molton Brown Home & Linen Mists


Trust us: it’s going to be all about the fabric mist, moving forward. We long ago gave up getting clothes dry-cleaned all the time: it’s bad for the environment and bad for clothes. We brush. We steam. And we spray with scent, as a textile ‘refresher’.

These Molton Brown spritzers are brilliant for stale rooms as well as for less-than-fresh clothes, and are specifically designed not to harm fabrics.

There are, for now, several of their bestselling fragrances available: Gingerlily Pink Pepperpod, Ylang-Ylang, plus Coco & Sandalwood and the absolute classic Orange & Berganot, which is so wonderfully uplifting and one of our all-time favourite smells.

We don’t actually have any Febreze shares – but if we did, we’d be offloading them now.

Molton Brown Home & Linen Mists/£24 for 100 ml at