Models Own sure have a lot of bottle!

Welcome to a very different kind of bottleshop – thanks to Models Own, who are poised to open these giant polish bottles in Westfield Stratford and Bluewater, to add to their original make-up mecca in Westfield London (Shepherds Bush). They’re just too fab-looking for words:  as the picture shows, the Models Own Bottleshops are basically giant polish bottles, showcasing dozens and dozens of nail shades and every kind of finish under the (yay!) sun, including their new Pastel Nail Art Pens – plus colours for lips, eyes (and accessories, too).

You’ll have to wrestle your way to the counter past throngs of excited 14-year-old girls (who probably include our goddaughters), but we promise:  it’s worth it, to get your hands on a stupendous shade range.