Miners Crystal Crush After Dark Lipgloss

£3.99. Who can argue with that...?

Especially when it's actually one of the most fun lipglosses to disco onto our desks in a while.  (From the first brand Jo ever, ever bought make-up from.)

It seems Miners has infused their bestselling Crystal Crush Light Reflecting Lipgloss with little 3-D glitter particles.  Generally we're never big fans of glittery particles:  a bit too Donna Summer 'I Feel Love' for women of un certain age (even though we love a bit of Donna on our iPods)...

But this is actually terribly fetching - especially the Champagne Shimmer shade.  The light-reflective particles work to give a lip-plumped look, and (especially considering the price), the texture's comfy and non-gloopy.

Very nice slicked over a favourite lip shade to give an instant summer 'twist' - and though it's called 'After Dark', you'll have to believe us when we say it looks beautiful in sunlight.

So we definitely feel love for this total lip 'steal'...

UK readers find Miners Crystal Crush After Dark Lipgloss at www.miners.co.uk - click here