Men's grooming goes below the belt

Just had to share. Because a press release recently landed on our desks for a new range called Below The Belt - which brings a whole new dimension to men's grooming.

You know those products designed to perfume and 'prettify' women's nether regions (which we've never been quite sure about, personally)? Well, this does the same for men. So if he's gone a bit feral and skanky 'down there', you might want to treat him to this trio, because actually (all sniggering aside) there are some useful products in there. (According to Below The Belt's research, women 'get a headache' when a man returns less than box-fresh after a long, busy day...)

So, first, a refreshing Waterless Shower: simply apply (um) 'below the belt', and it's quickly-absorbed to kill bacteria and odour, and ideal for festivals and camping, too. Then there's the Sports Lubricant, which helps prevent chafing if he runs, climbs, cycles, etc. - and we do actually know that's incredibly painful, affecting lots of athletes.

Last but not least, the product most guaranteed to put a smile on your lips: Fresh & Dry Balls. (Boy, this marketing team doesn't hold any punches, does it...?) An 'anti-perspirant' for - yes, you got it right - 'down there', with an essential oil fragrance and a talc-like finish.

These are actually really innovative products, and hats off to the company which has had the - er, balls to launch them, in the drive for what they refer to as 'groin confidence...'

UK readers find Below The Belt Grooming at £6.95 - buy here

PS We did quite want to illustrate this with a picture of a male model in his underpants, but - as we all know from That M&S David Gandy Campaign - the minute you focus on a man's pants, the whole thing gets a bit obscene. So you'll have to make do with these packshots, and your own vivid imaginations.