Melvita L’Or Rose Firming Oil


This came out in time for summer and the bikini season, but (sorry) we’re only just getting into it now. (It's been in a holding pattern in our bathrooms for a while – but worth the wait.) Thoughts of cellulite may be blissfully far from your mind (unless you’re planning a winter sun break, you lucky thing) – but this dry oil is actually lovely to use all over, and gives a beautiful sheen to any skin your Christmas party attire happens to expose. (We rather suspect that doesn’t include thighs, never mind derrière!)

While designed for wobbly bits, based on sea buckthorn seed and pulp oils, black pepper oil and rosehip oil, L’Or Rose is great for smoothing the appearance of skin – and with its rosy fragrance makes a great base for a perfume (especially a floral) to ‘cling’ to.

Use it on your cellulite, by all means - twice a day, Melvita prescribe, using a special ‘pinch-and-roll’ technique – but don’t let that dreaded word put you off using it pretty much from top to toe, for the sheer pleasure factor.

Meltiva L’Or Rose Firming Oil/£30 for 100ml at