Meet #LizArden (PS we really want her office)


Looked at the Elizabeth Arden Facebook page lately? Uh-uh, us neither - until #LizArden strode into our lives, at a stroke modernising the feel of the whole brand. A fictional character, Liz has got some pretty cool friends. Chat show host and comedian Chelsea Handler, ninety something fashion guru Iris Apfel, style blogger Gabi Fresh, DJ Mia Moretti among others, who all feature in the film below. She takes her inspiration from the pioneering Elizabeth Arden herself: the dynamic businesswoman who maintained that women should 'go out and mark their mark', as she did, over 100 years ago.

The posts - some of which we feature further down (from Instagram and Facebook) - are really very, very cool, although we'd most especially like the office featured in the launch video, which you can watch below. (We find the music dangerously catchy, by the way.) Since the video debuted, Liz has been reminding us of products we'd moved on from, as well as new launches – and just giving a whole new 2016-fresh perspective on this heritage beauty name.

It makes us want to buy a ticket to New York and see if we can't perhaps track Liz down and hang out with her. (And Chelsea Handler, actually.)

Enjoy. And follow, do!

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