Maybelline Forever Strong Pro (Porcelain Pink)

Generally, after un certain age, neutral shades and pale shimmers flatter hands the best.  (We tend to save bright fluoros, denim blues and Rouge Noir-type polishes for feet, where we think it's absolutely fine to go for more daring shades.  Shows you've got your finger - er, toe - on fashion's pulse...) In Maybelline's spring nail collection we happened upon this very pale baby pink (reminiscent of some of Essie's classic pinks).  Not only is it a complete steal, but it's enriched with iron and calcium for treatment benefits over time.

What we love best about the Maybelline Forever Strong Pro range, however, is its lasting qualities:  Jo once painted her nails with a polish from this range before a major move, and it survived - with flying colours.  They promise it 'lasts up to 7 days' - and in our experience, that's just about right.  (Though a house move is going to challenge any polish.)

As always, do apply a base coat to prevent yellowing, but with this a topcoat really isn't required unless you want extra depth of shine.

A truly ageless 'neutral' - not just for spring, but year-round.

UK readers find Maybelline Forever Strong Pro (Porcelain Pink)/£4.09 at - click here (apologies to US readers:  not available there...)