Mary Greenwell Masterglass (you read that right)

Mary Greenwell and Cate Blanchett:  quite a double act. They got together recently to work on the ad. campaign for Silhouette eyewear.  (Great timing, since Cate's getting rave reviews for the new Woody Allen movie.)  Afterwards, Mary gave her wisdom on how glasses - like make-up - can accessorise a look.  Thought you'd like to read what she said.

Q.  Is there a difference between working with people who are wearing glasses, and those that aren't?  Are there any techniques you use to enhance the eyes behind the glasses? A. No.  I always say that the glasses come after make-up;  if chosen properly, they're the perfect addition to your make-up look.  So I don't manipulate the make-up for glasses a all:  do your make-up how you want it to look, and then put your glasses on.  They should just be an extension of your personality!  That's the benefit of Silhouette icon specs:  they're frameless, so people can look into you, and see your face, so you should wear whatever make-up and clothing you want to wear.

Q.  From a make-up artist's perspective, do you manipulate make-up application to accommodate glasses? A. Well, the model tends to be chosen because they represent the look the styling team wants to achieve - so you work to enhance the face, whether with a smokey eye, or a bold lip, or a natural finish - whatever is required, and then just add glasses.

Q.  Do you prefer any of those different make-up looks with glasses? A.  Not really - it's whatever you want to wer.  If you want a flicky eye, great.  Smokey eye:  go for it!  The question is: 'Does your make-up look good without glasses?'

Q. So your general stance is that glasses don't affect your make-up application or use at all? A. Absolutely!  Just don't worry about it.  Focus on finding a pair of glasses that suit your face.  It's quite a thing to go out and suddenly start wearing glasses, so the frameless Silhouette glasses are ideal to still show off your face and allow the light to access it.  Stick to the make-up that you know.

Q. Working with Cate, are there any make-up styles that she likes/prefers, or you think suit her best? A. I work with Cate all the time, and she's a very beautiful person.  She doesn't need any make-up at all really.  But obviously, with photography, you apply make-up to even out the skintone, and make the eyes "pop" a bit more, and that's all we did, really, with this Silhouette Icon campaign.  There's not very much make-up used at all.  This wasn't about a smokey eye or fuller coverage;  that wouldn't work.  It's not how we work and it's not how the photographer Peter Lindbergh works.  It's natural make-up because that's what works in he bright sunshine of L.A. with the light shining through.  A small amount of make-up will always enhance the face, and too much just doesn't work.

Q. Are there any key products you can't do without? A. Oh, definitely.  I can achieve any make-up look using these products:

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