Marsk Gold Mineral Eyeshadow

OK, so let's start from the point that we're not big on shimmer. Or glimmer. Or stuff that makes wrinkles look - well, wrinklier. But there's something about this little tiny pot of loose mineral powder eyeshadow which we're attracted to like moths to a flame. A teeny-tiny touch, on the end of the finger, really illuminates the browbone, or the centre of the lid, or the 'tear-zone', at the inner corner of the eye.

It looks just brilliant with a touch of tan (and you'd have to have been lying under a stone not to be a bit sun-kissed, right now, huh?)

Marsk is a Sydney-based brand just landed in the UK, featuring all-natural and certified organic ingredients. As well as this little pot of gilt gorgeousness, they create mineral foundations, blushers, blushers and quite a lot more.

And lots and lots of rainbow shades of eyeshadow. But it's the little pot of gold at the end of that rainbow that Beauty Bible's love, love, loving...

UK readers find Marsk Rich List Mineral Eyeshadow at£14.49 - buy here


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