Margaret Dabbs’ top tips for Fabulous Hands

The ‘footcare queen’ Margaret Dabbs, whose Sole Spas are a mecca in the beauty world (for chaps too), has turned her attention to our hands. As devoted gardeners plus, in Sarah’s case, horse-rider and keeper (three four-legged friends means a lot of mud…), we are very, VERY grateful. And having had our rather-worse-for-wear paws transformed with this new range, we are excited to tell you about it and also to give you Margaret’s top tips. So – the seven hand products (all in lovely sunny yellow packaging) fuse health and beauty in the same way as her foot range. Again, Australian emu oil is a key ingredient for its exceptional healing, anti-ageing and moisturising properties. It’s supported by a positive garden of active plant extracts including white water lily, hemp seed oil, wild rose, comfrey and sunflower shoot extract, plus vitamin E, and scented with geranium and mandarin. (Which makes it a pleasure to use, always important with products you need to apply regularly.)

As well as a hand wash and scrub, there is Intensive Hydrating Hand Lotion, £25 for 200 ml and Anti-Ageing Hand Serum, £30 for 30 ml plus Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Serum, £12 for 15 ml (a must for us). And the ‘smart’ product is Hand Protection & Finishing Spray, £22 for 100 ml, which forms an invisible protective film over hands and nails to protect against ageing pollutants and aggressors (like plants and horses – actually paper is the worst one, in our experience); it also protects freshly painted nails. As we said, clever!

So here are Margaret’s fab tips for Fabulous Hands:

• Use a crystal file to shape the nails – a crystal file will promote good nail growth and healthy strong nails.

Ensure your hands are kept moisturised through the day: dry dehydrated skin and nails are very ageing.

If your nails are dehydrated, brittle and/or scattered with white specks, it is time to invest in a good nail and cuticle serum. My Nail & Cuticle Serum will transform the nails in a matter of days.

Keep cuticles moisturised – if they are kept moisturised and soft you won’t be tempted to pick at them.

Wean yourself off gel nails: just think about the way these are removed with nails dipped in acetone for 20 minutes and then a metal object used to scrape the varnish away.

Have some varnish-free days – dare to go bare by using a shiner buffer to give a healthy groomed look.

Try a hand sanitiser that’s essential oil-based with less alcohol – you’ll be hooked!

Don’t forget sun cream – the hands are exposed most of the year round and give away our age, so protect them from the cold as well as the sunshine.