Margaret Dabbs Nail Polish Collection


We’ve probably never dithered in front of a nail polish fixture for quite so long as at the launch of the new Margaret Dabbs polish collection – see below for our Instagram snap of Margaret, taken on the day. It’s a staggering 72 shades of polish spanning wearable neutrals through to fun brights, with lots of reds, fuchsias and rosy shades (each named after English flowers).

Ah, about those roses. Because actually, shade choices aside, that’s why we’ve fallen head-over-heels for this range: it smells – truly and honestly – of roses, on the nails. True, the scent fades after 24 hours or so, but during that timeframe we kept getting little wafts of rosiness – and realised it was our manicure! The formula is infused with a wild rose botanical extract to revitalise nails, along with vitamin E for nail health. What’s not in there? ‘Nasties’ like formaldehyde, toluene and DBP.

Decisions, decisions...

Margaret Dabbs Nail Polish Collection/£14 each at and at her podiatry clinics