Margaret Dabbs Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion

Before you faint at the price, let us explain that one pump dispenser of this truly fabulous product, based on emu oil (we promise no beast or bird is harmed) has lasted Sarah for four months, used pretty well daily.  It is so intensively moisturising that you really do only need a small amount to keep feet luscious. Now, as beauty editors, we get sent vat-loads of products every week.  (Make than van-loads.)  Kicking around the office we probably have a have a boxful of foot creams to slosh on.  But we are so mad about this product that we go out and buy it (well, stay in and buy it, as below).  And that's testimony to its instant effectiveness and ongoing benefits.

We are both almost fetishistic about keeping our feet cherished and nourished, actually.  We walk all the time, and one of our long-term beauty mantras is ‘happy feet = happy face’, because there is nothing more painful than hobbling around on hard skin.

Plus feet need to look good in party sandals and – of course - should your tootsies encounter another pair at the bottom of the bed, soft toes and heels are much more inviting.

What price kissable feet, eh...?

UK readers find Margaret Dabbs Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion at£25 for 200 ml - buy here (Do go via the Victoria Health page on our site, though, at, to enjoy an automatic 5% discount added at checkout)