M.A.C. Big Brow Pencil


Ever since dinosaurs roamed the earth (or thereabouts), brow pencils have been slimline. Why? Um, just because, is our answer. Because really, a big fat pencil – like this innovation – does the job brilliantly, and with a lot less fiddle-faff. It's chunky, waxy (a hybrid of wax and powder, we’re told), and comes in a range of five shades. Despite Jo’s almost platinum natural brow tone, she went for the Spiked (darkest) shade, and it’s doing the job amazingly well.

The chubbier, twist-up pencil is easier to grip than a skinny one, and it delivers the right effect with fewer strokes. For which also read: muchmore quickly. (The same rules apply, though: try to get the pencil on the hairs, not the skin.)

Until we read the press release, mind, we had no idea it comes with a sharpener in the opposite end, to keep the tip point-y.

M.A.C. Big Brow Pencil is one of a wide range of brow-enhancing make-up from M.A.C. – but it’s made the leap straight into our make-up bag, and there’s no greater recommendation than that.

So: who are you calling a stegosaurus?

M.A.C. Big Brow Pencil/£16 at www.johnlewis.com