Lush’s ‘We The Bathers’ makes a splash

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We’re big believers in the power of bathing, at Beauty Bible – both in wide open seas, lakes and rivers, and in bathtubs. So are Lush, for obvious reasons – but now they’ve launched a beautiful film which explores the fascinating relationship we have with bathing and water, all around the world.

It’s directed by a very talented young filmmaker who we happen to know ourselves, Phoebe Arnstein – and it’s a joy to watch. The idea came from Jack Constantine (son of Lush founder Mark Constantine), who works as Lush’s Product Inventor and Chief Digital Officer. Jack spent time in Japan last year where of course they have a completely different bathing culture. That got him thinking: ‘What other bathing rituals are out there?’ We The Bathers weaves together real life stories of people from diverse cultures, diving below the surface in the most wonderful way to make us think about life itself.

If this doesn’t get you in a cossie this weekend, nothing will. (Failing that, perhaps a nice, hot bath!)

And swimming caps off to Phoebe for a brilliant piece of work. A name to watch, for sure.

You can watch it online at – and until 12th July you can also visit an accompanying stunning exhibition of photography at Lush’s Beak Street Studio (it’s at No. 67-71/W1F 9SW).