London Fashion Week's so-stylish bug-buster

Filthy lot, fashion editors. Well, really, so's anyone who spends time on the streets of London - which is awash with noroviruses and a really horrible strain of 'flu germs, right now.

However, anyone headed to Fashion Scandinavia at London Fashion Week (just kicking off) will be able to keep bugs at bay with a sample of Renouve Anti-Aging Hand Sanitizing Lotion, which apparently kills off 99% of those germs, without drying out skin.  (Which is why - unlike most sanitizers - it's recommended for people with eczema.)

We've tried this serum-like sanitizer - and we're impressed.  It's alcohol- and paraben-free, packed with peptides - and the anti-bacterial action is down to bitter orange peel extract, which is suddenly A Completely Enormous Thing in beauty and fragrance circles.

And it comes, as you'll see, in a wardrobe of fashionable 'frocks'. Twitter:  @renouve