Liz Earle's all about wellbeing...

We know you love Liz Earle.  As do we (and we're lucky enough to count her as an awfully good friend.  Jolly proud we are, actually.) Liz's passion - long before Cleanse & Polish was a twinkle in her very twinkly eyes - has always been wellbeing.  She wrote about it, when we first knew her 25 years ago (and was one of the first people we know who emphasised the importants of oils, for health and skin).  She became a wellbeing broadcaster for GMTV.  So, with her new website - - Lizzie's really going back to her roots.

The site is where Liz gets to talk to all her 'heroes':  currently, there's a great interview with Patrick Holden of The Sustainable Food Trust. (Liz and her husband have their own organic farm, and are great believers.)  Naturally, there's also a beauty focus on the site - that's natural in every way, unsurprisingly, and so right now Liz is talking about winter lip care.  And she also invites you to book tickets for a candlelit carol concert on 4th December in London in aid of her new charity, LiveTwice, to support inner city music projects.  (For details of tickets, click here.)

The clear-to-read site a great way to keep up with Liz's latest ventures (and adventures), and with lots of sound, down-to-earth wisdom, too.

Though there are no plans to turn it into a global brand, yet, so far as we know...!