Liz Earle The Winter Icon Cleanse & Polish


Our heart always does a little pitter-patter when there is a new Cleanse & Polish limited edition – and this is super-gorgeous. Same rich, make-up melting power.

Same nourishing blend of oils enriching the formulation.

Same reasons why this beauty classic has scooped more awards than any other in beauty history.

But The Winter Icon delights the senses with a new (and seasonally appropriate) scent: lashings of sweet orange, with whispers of clove. It’s Cleanse & Polish, with an extra-cosy factor.

Decorated with a wreath design, it comes in a matching gift box (which can be upcycled for greetings cards, costume jewellery, whatever), along with two of Liz’s signature muslin cloths.

Though we’ve already gifted to ourselves ­– because these limited editions are way, way too good to miss.

Liz Earle The Winter Icon/£22.75 at