Living Proof Healthy Hair Dry Shampoo


There are dry shampoos and there are dry shampoos (and frankly any haircare range which has Jennifer Aniston attached to it, as Living Proof does – she's co-founder – is worth checking out). This is one of those 'give-me-one-extra-day' hair investments: though way more expensive than most dry shampoo options, it's still way cheaper than an emergency blow-dry. What's more, there's none of that 'shoulder snow' familiar from dry shampoos of old – no powderiness at all, actually: just hair that appears (and feels) way less scuzzy. Where it's also useful, though, is for 'bulking up' hair that's lost its oomph, adding volume and what hairdressers like to refer to as 'guts'.

Get over the battleship grey packaging; this really does make hair look (and often importantly) smell fresh again – and, we're told, the fragrance is even 'time-released' during the day. Presumably, as you swish your shiny, freshened hair.

Which, if you're Jennifer Aniston (or one of her many wannabes), you probably do a lot.

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